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University of Maryland             Wayne McIntosh

Towson University                     Cindy Cates 

Kansas State University            John Fliter

     As we all know, our world is increasingly dependent on information technologies.  With increasing frequency, students and professional workers of all kinds are called upon to employ computers in research and communication as ever more areas of endeavor have gone on-line.  Nowhere is this more true than in the field of law. 

     This course is offered simultaneously at Towson University, Kansas State University, and the University of Maryland, and students from the three classes work collaboratively to explore the role of law in society, utilizing information technologies for communications and research purposes. 

     The links to the left will take you to essential locations, such as the syllabus, where you will find a full description of our expectations and all assignments, Webchat, a required weekly electronic discussion forum, and a few important online resource links.

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